Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022

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The test is usually conducted by Dragnet


General format for NDPHC INTERNSHIP Aptitude Test:

The aptitude test comprises of three (3) modules:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning and
  • Abstract Reasoning.


1.     The test will be administered via the internet and will require the following:
a.     A good internet connection
b.     A computer with a functional Webcam. Please ensure your Windows operating system is activated.
c.     At least 1 hour without interruption in a quiet environment.
2.     Please ensure your network and battery are in good condition before starting the test.
3.     Please ensure no materials or books/persons laying/hanging around, phones, other gadgets/smart devices or anything that gives off as malpractice is found within 360degrees scanning of your environment. Note that the use of earphones or headsets is prohibited.
4.     Please perform all guided pre-test activities. Ensure there is enough light in the room.
5.     Please ensure your environment is quiet, kindly put all devices away.
6.     This test is automatically monitored hence any violation will be recorded.
7.     Your Username and password are on this email and will be required to access the test.
8.     Kindly log on to on an updated Chrome or Firefox Browser using your username or password to access your test within the test period indicated above. The notification below will be displayed if you log in before the test start date and time stated above:
“You are not currently scheduled for an assessment.”
9.     Your Username is not case sensitive however; your password is case sensitive. Once successfully logged in, click on the “Take Test” button to commence your test.
10.  Upon login, read through the instructions and then click on the link specified on the FOT testing platform to launch your assessment in the Safe Exam Browser and insert your password a second time. Please note that once launched, access to all other applications on your computer system will be restricted so ensure you have your password ready.
11.  All applications should be closed while working on the test. Any application opened during the test will be auto-recorded.
12.  Once your test has commenced, a timer will be located at the top-right corner of the screen which would indicate the total time left to complete the test.
13. Please do not at any time leave your computer.
14.  For multiple-choice assessments, there would be question numbers at the bottom of your screen which would change colour as you progress through the test.
15.  A red coloured number indicates a question that has not been answered, while green indicates a question that has been answered.
16.  At the end of your test, the display on the screen would read “Test Submitted Successfully”. “Error in submission” notification at the end of the test is a result of a poor internet connection. Please do not close the test window. Try to submit again while ensuring that your network is stable.
18.  Please ensure you are using a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the test. In the event of an internet disruption during the test, please do not close the test window. Instead, check your internet source and try to ensure that it is stable.

Please do not use a mobile phone for this test.
NOTE: The Safe Exam Browser is not compatible with macOS.

Free NDPHC Internship Program Sample Questions

Verbal Reasoning

I remained at my station at Kaduna until I was posted to Ibadan to take over what was known as
Area 2 command. Area 2 was by then virtually a one Battalion conformation. This Battalion was
less than seven hundred men strong and fewer than a hundred rifles on charge, with fewer than twenty rounds of ammunition per rifle. There was one machine gun, one mortal, one recoilless
rifle and one set of clothing per soldier. The battalion had one land rover and two trucks issued to it. At the same time, the relationship between the soldiers and the civilian population was
strained almost to breaking point. This was caused by the authoritarian behavour and high headedness by some of the soldiers.

My first task was that of restoring mutual confidence and trust amongst soldiers, between the
soldiers and civilians. I discovered that apart from group affinity and loyalty, language was the
second friction, suspicion and fear among the soldiers. The actions of a few of the officers did
not help, but rather worsened the situation. I instructed that English, which is the nation’s
official language, would be the medium of communication throughout the unit. All soldiers were
also ordered to sleep in their barracks and to detest from molestation of the civilians.
Offenders were severely punished. Corporal punishment was not excluded. In fact, it was very
effective. I remembered a story of a sergeant who, without permission drove to Lagos in an army Land Rover to see his brothers without regard for, and over the heads of, and all the superior officers in his units, and the Area commander in Ibadan.

The case was reported to me, I had the sergeant formally charged for conduct of prejudicial to
good order and military discipline and for the use of government vehicles on an unauthorized journey. His unit remanded the case to me. The sergeant was marched before me and after his
charges had been read to me, He pleaded guilty. The sergeant was the severely
punished in accordance with military law. That put an end to such acts.
Within a short time, mutual trust and discipline were restored among the soldiers and the trust and understanding generated between the soldiers and the civilian populations.

It can be deduced from the passage that the writer is
A. a Troubleshooting
B.a Nimble soldier
C. an Authoritarian leader
D. a warlord

2. According to the passage
A.the military is the cause of our woes

B. orderliness is the common characteristics tie to the military C. authoritarian behaviour and highhandedness are synonymous to the military
D. institutional discipline is product of good leadership

3. The purpose of the incidents mentioned in the second and third paragraph is to:
A. that corporal punishment is not excluded in the military
B. prove to extent of the herculean task ahead of the commander
C. corroborate the evidence that discipline was inculcated
D. digress issues from molestation

4. Which of command?
A. His liberal approach to issues in command
B. Dealing with the language barrier situation

C. His insistence that soldiers stay in their barracks
D. The introduction of punitive measures

Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022

Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022


Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022

Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022

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Free NDPHC Internship Program Past Questions and answers 2022