TABLE OF CONTENTS FIRST TERM Week 1 & 2Topic: The Reception Office Week 3 Topic: Office Correspondence Week 4 Topic: Office Documents Week 5 Topic: Trade Week 6 Topic: Market I Week 7 Topic: Buying and Selling Week 8 Topic: Distribution Week 9 Topic: Bank Services I WEEK 10 Topic: Customs and Excise Duties in Foreign Trade SECOND TERM Week 1 & 2Topic: Insurance I Week 3Topic: Ledger Entries Week 4Topic: Petty Cash Book Week 5Topic: The Cash Book Week 6Topic: Book-Keeping Ethics Week 7Topic: Personal qualities of an entrepreneur Week 8Topic: Business opportunities Week 9Topic: Consumer Right Week 10Topic: responsibilities of a consumer THIRD TERM WEEK 1 Topic: National Pension Scheme WEEK 2 Topic: Page Setting Week 3 Topic: Techniques Development In Keyboarding WEEK 4 Topic: Paragraphing Week 5 & 6Topic: Office Procedure Week 6 Topic: Wages and Salaries Unit Week 7 Topic: Imprest and Petty Cash Book Week 8 Topic: Store Records Week 9 Topic: Office Equipment WEEK 10 Topic: Printers Correction Signs Week 11 Topic: Speed development and accuracy skills Week 12 Topic: Memorandum Week 13 Topic: E-mail

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